12 Best Dog Carriers and Travel Products

If you've ever been frustrated while traveling with your dog, then this article is for you.Keeping your pet comfortable and calm is most important when traveling. Especially when using public transportation such as planes, trains, or buses. The more comfortable your pet is, the more enjoyable the experience is for him/her, you, and the other passengers.There is more to picking out the right travel accessories than keeping your pup comfortable, however, it's important that the items are easy for you to use too! There's nothing worse than a difficult carrier that kills your back and doesn't function well. Look no more! We've rounded up the 12 best dog carriers and travel products that we know you will enjoy as much as your dog does!

Dog House Soft Crate

This carrier is fantastic if you're dropping your dog off to stay with a friend while you travel. It breaks down easily and has great carrier handles. The material is plush and durable to keep your pup comfortable. Although you can't carry this carrier with the dog inside of it (such as onto a plane), it could also be used as a travel bed. Say you're driving to a vacation spot with your dog - pop up this carrier in your hotel room and you're good to go!

Sherpa Deluxe Pet Carrier

The perfect carrier for every plane ride! This carrier is airline approved, and the mesh panels make it easy for your dog to see for an added layer of comfort. The Sherpa bed lining is really luxurious and brings warmth and stability for your pup. This bag is also great for trains and other forms of public transportation where you may need to have an officially approved bag. Best yet – the strap is comfortable and makes the bag easy to carry for you! It also has a luggage strap on the back, so you can easily carry it on top of your suitcase.

Rolling Backpack Carrier

Do you have a puppy or a little guy? This bag is perfect for those who want to travel hands free with their small dog. The straps are sturdy and padded, making the bag comfortable on your back. The backpack also has a rolling feature for added convenience. Be wary though, this bag may not be approved for certain airlines.

Other Travel Products:

Double Collapsible Pet Bowl

This two-in-one model is great for those who want a food and water bowl in one. Like the option above, the bowls are easily collapsible, lightweight, and great to travel with.

Gulpy Water Dispenser

The Gulpy is the classic choice for hydrating your pup. This bottle comes in a ton of different sizes, which makes it perfect for any type of dog owner. They have been around for quite a while and are a favorite of many dog owners. Throw it in your backpack while out for a hike or on a long walk. It’s also great for a trip to the dog park! If you take your dog camping or on long road trips this is also a great option. It should also be noted that the Gulpy also works with regular water bottles. Stop at a gas station on your road trip and pick up a few extra bottles and you’ll be ready to go!

Vittles Vault Food Carrier

Great for taking on shorter trips when you need to bring dog food along. Going away for a couple of days with your Fido? Bring this convenient container in your bag, and never be without your pet’s favorite food. Definitely one of the better designs on the market, the Vittles Vault is made of strong and durable materials, and comes apart for easy cleaning.

SolvIt HomeAway Pet Travel Organizer Kit

This is for those readers who like all-in-one solutions. The pet bag is not only great for keeping everything in one place, it’s easy to transport and will ensure that you don’t lose any of the necessities you need for your pooch. The great thing about this carrier is that is also comes with its own set of high quality accessories. Included in the kit is a water bottle, water bowl, food bowl, and 10 cup food bag – that’s a lot of kibble! The bag is also made out of easy-to-clean material and has many pockets to store smaller items for your dog, such as a leash, harness, and small toys.

No-Pull Dog Harness with Handle

Nothing is worse than trying to get your dog to stop pulling during a high stress situation – such as walking through the airport. This harness helps to break the habit of pulling. It is also super comfortable and avoids irritating your dog’s neck! It’s most important feature, however, is the secure handle on top of the harness. It makes it easy to pick up your dog quickly during travel.

Dog Backpack

How cute is this accessory? Going on a trip that requires a lot of walking or hiking? Have your dog carry his or her own accessories. Throw a tennis ball and a water bottle into their little backpack, and you can worry less and carry less!

Dog Sling

This sweet little sling is perfect for dog owners with brand new puppies or small dogs. It’s perfect for the airport if your dog likes to be close, and is also easy to carry around on a walk. You dog will feel super safe and secure all swaddled up inside of the sling.

Homeyone Ultimate Car Protection

Last but not least, we bring you a fantastic solution for long car rides. This back seat pad keeps the entire passenger area of your car secure, and most importantly – clean! It’s waterproof and easy to clean, so it’s perfect for muddier adventures with your pup.

We hope you enjoyed this round up and that it makes traveling with your dog easier and more enjoyable in the future!

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