It's safe to say that cats and mobility are two concepts that are hard to reconcile. Just being able to keep your cat in one spot to put them inside a carrying cage is hard enough. Some cats just can't handle being in a container that's too constricting or confining. Also, there are some cats that can't stand being in a cage at all or are too weak or injured to walk around and react much better to being pushed around in a stroller instead. In either case, there are actually many factors you need to take into consideration when deciding to buy a cat carriage or stroller.

For one, is the carriage or stroller big enough to accommodate whatever size cat you have? Is it roomy enough for them to move around without being forced into one fixed position the entire time they're in the cage? If it's a stroller, is it big enough to accommodate your cat's weight? Does your cat have enough privacy? Some cats like to interact with the world outside of their cage or stroller while some prefer to hide until its time to come out, so you might need to know more about your cat's personality before making any final stroller decisions.What about the type of enclosure your carriage or stroller has? Is it mesh or are there only holes for them to breathe through? Is it easy to carry or push around, or might it be more trouble than it's worth to even have one? These are all important details to look into. Luckily, we've compiled a list of the 5 best cat carriage/strollers currently on the market and why they're so popular.

Portable Ultra-Light and Sturdy Cat Carrier by  Cat 1st

One main feature that any decent cat carriage should possess is portability and ease of use. The kind of cages that are easiest to store and deploy at a moment’s notice are often foldable and soft-sides specifically for cats. This carrier from CAT 1st utilizes a cloth-design that's extremely light but also surprisingly durable. It has mesh panels on all four sides and provides ample ventilation while giving your cat plenty of leg room. Easy to wash and store when not being used, this cat carriage can hold up to 18 lbs. and offers the ultimate in portability and durability.


– Foldable, easy-to-store and wash

– Mesh side panels for excellent ventilation and outside interactivity

– Roomy, but very portable


– High-spirited cats with sharp claws might tear through the mesh side panels

Two Door Top Load Pet Kennel by PetMate

Some cat owners aren't comfortable with lightweight, cloth carriers and have cats that require something a little sturdier. This two-door pet kennel from PetMate is made of plastic and steel, constructed so you can load pets in from the top and the front rather than just one entryway. The front opening uses steel wires coated with a secure latch. You can see inside from the front and sides now. This makes for increased visibility for both pet and owner as well as added strength and carrier durability. Pet transport has never been easier with its ergonomic carry handle for safer transport. And the bottom made with coffee grounds is excellent for absorbing unpleasant odors.


- Coffee ground bottom for odors

- Front and top loading doors

- Durable plastic and steel design


– Size is slightly smaller than advertised, might not accommodate more than one large cat

Soft Sided Pet Carrier [Airline-Approved]- Pet Travel Portable Bag Home for Dogs, Cats and Puppies by Pet Magasin.

It's one thing to take a pet on a trip with you by car; having to take a pet with you on the plane can be a nightmare. Checking your furry friend in as luggage is out of the question, but very few airlines make allowances for pet carriages as one of your carry bags. Luckily, this pet Carrier from Pet Magasin is airline-approved. This means you're allowed to bring it with you in the cabin. You won't have to worry about your cat's well-being. It has comfortable padding inside, lots of ventilation with side mesh panels and is the perfect size for most cats, puppies and other small pets (not big cats or dogs, obviously). Made with sturdy materials, yet it's shape collapses on itself when the end panels are zipped down - making for easy storage when not in use.


- Airline approved

- Lightweight and sturdy, but foldable

- Offers maximum comfort

- Waterproof


- Some larger, stronger cats might be able to claw out of mesh paneling

OxGord Airline Approved Pet Carriers w/ Fleece Bed For Dog & Cat

Another airline-approved pet carrier, this offering from OxGord comes with even more features than the previous item on this list. This carrier offers an "Unwind and Bind" feature that lets you gain access to your pets without risking them escaping. Additionally, it offers a removable fleece travel bed, a lost and found tag, compartments on the inside for any medical accessories or toys, and is made from breathable materials meant to increase airflow from the side and front mesh panels. Easy to clean and 100% washable, this is clearly one of the higher-end airline-approved pet carriers.


- "Unwind and Bind" feature prevents pet escapes

- Removable fleece bed and sturdy construction

- Inside compartments

- Safety belt buckle lets pets be fastened into vehicle seats


- Mesh panels might be punctured by larger pets

- Using shoulder-strap might squeeze some smaller pets

Pet Gear No-Zip Happy Trails Lite Pet Stroller

Finally, after researching all the various cat strollers currently available, we decided to focus on the best-selling option on Amazon - Pet Gear's No-Zip Happy Trails Lite pet stroller. It comes with many of the accessories most child strollers come with - three position canopy, cup holders and a parent tray, large 6 inch wheels for better maneuverability, and front shock absorbers. But this stroller comes with large mesh enclosure so your cat has a panoramic view window. With its easy-locking no-zip entry, you can now stop struggling with zippers when putting pets inside - just close and clamp the latch for the front section together to secure your cat in place.


- No-Zip easy-locking latch

- Large front wheels with shocks

- Plenty of accessories


- Can be harder to fold and store than smaller strollers

- Plastic wheels may break down after extended use on concrete

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