These best cat water fountain reviews are for you if getting your cat to drink more water is becoming a major challenge. Cats don’t normally drink a lot of water because their prey in the wild is so high in moisture content—around 70% of a mouse’s body makeup is water, for instance. Domestic cats take in other types of food that include low-moisture fare like kibble, though. Unless a pet cat is fed exclusively on a high-quality wet diet, he is most likely suffering from mild dehydration due to insufficient water intake.

Fortunately, there are things that stimulate cats’ drive to drink. The sound and sight of cool water cause most cats to up their water intake, for example, which may explain kitty’s fascination with the kitchen sink. With the fountains below, you can help your cat get the proper amount of water for his needs by offering him a safe and attractive source of water all day long.

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

This fountain has a 168-fluid-ounce capacity and a replaceable carbon filter for freshening the water running through it. It has a submersible pump, an adjustable flow control, rubber feet for grip, and a snap-on lid. It is a 12V system and everything but the pump is (top shelf) dishwasher-safe.


  • Easy maintenance
  • Large reservoir
  • Relatively quiet on most settings


  • Reservoir is still made of plastic

If you’re meticulous about cleaning this regularly, the plastic make shouldn’t be a big issue, as bacteria wouldn’t get to stay long enough to really make their presence felt. It’s not cheap (but not expensive), but it’s definitely among the better pet fountains out there, with its reliable pump, easy and modular design, and large capacity.

PioneerPet Raindrop Oval

This fountain is made of high-grade stainless steel and sports a modern, eye-catching design. It has a 60-ounce capacity, a replaceable charcoal filter, and multiple drinking spots due to the design (a reservoir, a fountain/spout, and a “water slide”).


  • Pretty
  • Very quiet on the lowest setting
  • Multiple drinking areas for your cat


  • Pump sometimes needs priming after you’ve changed the water
  • Filter and pump are still plastic, despite the stainless steel bowl

This is a very good-looking cat water fountain and a lot of the more aesthetically-finicky pet owners will immediately gravitate to it for that alone. Performance-wise, it’s pretty good too, being relatively simple to put together and take apart, and fairly reliable as regards its pump. It’s a good size for modest multi-cat households, but will probably need to be refilled and cleaned more often for bigger ones.

Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain

A centrally-located pump and spout give your pet a larger and 360-degree drinking area. It holds 1 gallon of water, making it ideal for multi-pet households, and is made of stainless steel. It uses replaceable charcoal filters.


  • Interchangeable spout rings let you modify how many streams come out of the top
  • Also has a foam filter for trapping hair and debris
  • Huge capacity


  • Clips holding the fountain/spout assembly to the bowl can be fiddly

If you can live with the slightly awkward-to-use clips locking the two main parts of this together, this is a good buy. People with a lot of cats will appreciate the high capacity, as well as the fact that the spout can be modified to put out more than one stream. The 360-degree drinking area is great too. The clips and a few other quirks in its design do make it a little irritating to take apart, and it does take up a lot of space (it holds a gallon, after all!), but it’s still a good fountain.

Cat Mate Pet Fountain

This fountain offers multiple drinking levels at different heights due to a “stepped” design and has a 70-fluid-ounce water capacity. It uses polymer-carbon filter cartridges.


  • Quiet
  • Easy to clean
  • Multiple drinking levels


  • Plastic construction

It may be plastic, but this fountain is still a pretty great option. The stepped or terraced design keeps water aerated through two mini-waterfalls and also gives your pets 3 total reservoirs from which to drink (besides the 2 falls themselves). This can be a good fix if you have pets with different preferences when it comes to water fountain drinking reservoirs. It’s also pretty quiet if you keep it clean—it’s only when you skip cleaning the pump that it starts sputtering a bit.

Pioneer Pet Big Max Ceramic Fountain

This large ceramic fountain has a 128-fluid-ounce capacity and is sized for larger cats as well as households with more felines. It uses replaceable charcoal filters.


  • Ceramic construction
  • Two drinking levels (plus the cascade from one level to the other)
  • Quiet


  • Takes up quite a bit of space

It will please a lot of the cat owners with more than one furbaby. The large size is great for accommodating multiple cats, the 2 drinking levels are nice, and it’s also made of easy-to-clean ceramic.


These are all great fountains, but most people will probably go for the Pioneer Pet Raindrop for its looks and overall features, at least if they don’t have to think of more than 2 cats. Once the cats in the household reach 3 and start climbing, though, the best options might start shifting to the bigger models—specifically, the Pioneer Ceramic and the Drinkwell Platinum. These two can accommodate more cats due to their huge size and aren’t bad-looking either, so they’d be likely to please most owners. Their size can still put off some people, though, because the price one pays for their high capacities is a large footprint… and not everyone will be willing or able to accept that.


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