Your dogs are a part of your family, and just like any other family member, you want nothing but for them to feel comfortable. Choosing the right dog crates and houses is an important decision to make; you may not believe it, but these crates and pens also match the mood of your pets.

When your dog is new, they will take some time to get used to their new environment, and having their own spot to go to is vital for their growth with you. Dog crates or houses are the personal spots for your dog inside your home or anywhere you bring them; it is that common space of home for them.

Not far from the traditional kennels that you are used to growing up, the innovation that occurred for pet pens are simple and more comfortable.

Zampa Pet Playpen

The Zampa pet playpen is foldable, made with water- resistant materials. It is an eight-panel with protected seams, with portable size that will allow you to bring your pet and be secured regarding their comfort. With its spacious interior, your pet will have room to play.


  • This comes with a floor mat which will protect your pet from getting dirty or probably getting wounded
  • Durable and portable, can easily be folded and setup anywhere
  • It will help you control the environment of your pet, particularly if they are in recovery from an injury
  • Uses a zipper to secure the pen


  • The plastic material can easily be chewed by your pet, especially if they are just a few months’ old
  • Playpen may appear smaller than how it usually seems; measure your space first and make sure you have enough room

GoGo Pet Product Canvas

Gogo Pet product’s canvas is good for your dog’s exercise, with its lightweight and durability; it is definitely designed to last. It secures your pet with its three locking mechanisms, that makes it safe for you to bring it and your pet on every travel, as it can be easily assembled.

Its materials are made of metal for the frame and a durable canvass for its wall; different shapes can be made, making it adjustable to your space.


  • Even with its metal frames, overall it is lightweight
  • Since it is an eight- sided wall, it can be an easily adjustable space depending on your choice

  • Portable, easily assembled and collapse ready for storage
  • The play pen can steadily stay upright, and can be used for camping

MidWest iCrate Pet Crates - Single Door


  • Comes with a plastic pan to make it easier to clean your dog’s mess anytime
  • It has a safe and secured slide bolt latches, and rounded corners
  • With its durability, the crate can last for a couple of years especially if it is well- maintained and taken care of
  • iCrate designed the crates which is good to start for puppy training, with enough size consideration. It has a divider to give your puppy just about enough space they need, and is adjustable as your dog grows.
  • Comfortable enough for your pet that it allows them to stand up and do a little walking inside the crate


  • Latches may get too loose especially if not screwed properly
  • May not be suitable for large dogs.

Iris Indoor/Outdoor Plastic Pet Pen

The Iris Plastic pet pen has four panels, and may be used for both indoor and outdoor. Iris guarantees that they can take on heavy duty activities or pets, even though its made of plastic.


  • This Iris plastic play pen has about four interlocking panels that will ensure your pet’s safety and security
  • It can easily be put together and even collapse for easy storage
  • Portable, which is great for both indoor and outdoor activity or simply training your dogs


  • No assembly instruction guide included in the package, maybe it was one of a thousand or it just came that way
  • May be a bit small for two dogs, depending on their sizes
  • The height of the crate may be too low, so your dog can easily climb out.

Pet Maker Pet Pop-Up Play Pen Deluxe

This pop- up play tent is designed for easy portability, it makes a good alternative to the type of crate or play pen that is first put in the market. It gives your pets enough space to play and move around as you contain them.


  • It’s portable which makes it good to bring while camping and to have your pets tag along
  • It will give your dogs protection, making the tent their own home or place to sleep


  • Upon opening, there may be a strong chemical smell that will have to ask for a couple of time to let the air out


These are all well-recommended pet pens that will give you good quality and are worth the money. Finding the right pet pen for your pet is vital. This is what you are going to rely on when it comes to bringing your pets up.

Amongst the five pet pens listed above, the most recommended is the Gogo Pet Product Canvas. Not only is it portable and durable, it gives your pet the most comfort and security that will be almost worry- free on your end to take away a look for a second and they are still safe.

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