Looking for the best automatic litter box for multiple cats? Well, we have 5 of the top candidates for that title right here. Just keep in mind, though, that there will always be challenges to using only one litter box for more than one cat. After all, there’s always the possibility of your cats needing to go at the same time—which is why the general rule is to have at least one box per cat in multi-cat households.

Still, with more and more of us being short on living space ourselves, a lot of us are just ending up with a single box for 2 or even more kitties. These self-cleaning litter boxes can mitigate a bit of the effort involved in this sort of situation, although they should never be taken as perfect solutions.

Litter Robot 3 "Open Air"

The Litter-Robot Open Air Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box makes caring for your cat easier. The first major update to the highly successful Litter-Robot platform, the Open Air is the culmination of the latest technology and 15 years of customer feedback. Once your cat exits, a timer counts down, allowing waste to clump before a cleaning cycle begins automatically. As the globe slowly rotates, the patented sifting system separates the clean litter from the clumps and drops the waste into a carbon-filtered drawer. The globe returns to the home position, leaving a clean, level bed of litter for the next use. Uses clumping litter and kitchen garbage bags. NO SPECIAL ACCESSORIES REQUIRED. The enlarged entryway and litter chamber, along with the self-adjusting cat sensor, accommodate cats weighing 5 lbs. or more. NEW FEATURES: DRAWER FULL INDICATOR: A flashing blue light lets you know when the waste drawer is full, so there's no more guessing. CONTROL PANEL LOCK OUT: Prevent kids and cats from unnecessarily pressing buttons, which could change your settings or cycle the unit. ADJUSTABLE CYCLE TIMER: Choose a 3-, 7-, or 15-minute delay from the time your cat uses the Litter-Robot until it performs a cleaning cycle. 8-HOUR SLEEP MODE: When activated, for a period of 8 hours, your unit will only cycle when the button is pressed manually to prevent disturbances. AUTOMATIC NIGHT LIGHT: Illuminates the litter chamber in low light conditions for elderly cats. BACKUP BATTERY (Sold Separately): The Backup Battery provides up to 48 hours of operation if power is interrupted. Estimated operation time is based on 10 cleaning cycles per day, which is typical for two cats, but results will vary. Backed by a 90-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE and 18-MONTH FULL WARRANTY. With more than 125,000 customers, over 15 years in business, and three versions of the Litter-Robot on the market, we are confident we have developed the best solution for pet parents to never have to scoop again!

  • Self-Cleaning Fully Automatic Litter Box
  • Great for Multiple Cats - Saves up to 50% on Litter!
  • 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee & 18-Month Warranty
  • Reduces Odor - Large Entryway - Automatic Night Light
  • Durable Construction - Appliance Quality - Infrequent Maintenance

PetSafe Simply Clean Continuous-Clean Litter Box

This is a very nice little litter box that can be used for multi-cat households because of its regular cleaning. All that action does tend to wear the motor down after a while—probably around 2 years if you have 2 cats—but it’s cheap to replace (just about $14). Besides, if it wears down within 1 year, you can get free replacements from the manufacturer. It’s not great for the cats that like to pee without squatting, but if all of your cats are normal in that regard, it’s a really good buy.

The bowl-shaped litter container is rotated once every hour for cleaning. The rotation sifts the litter and separates the waste, which travels down a conveyor belt and into a bag fitted at the end, ready for disposal.


  • Fairly quiet when rotating
  • Good seal on the waste container
  • Cheap


  • Motor may need to be replaced after a while

Littermaid LM980 Mega Self-Cleaning Litter Box

This litter pan has a mechanized rake that goes through the litter after 10 minutes have passed since your cat’s use of it. At the end is a space for a disposable container, into which the rake drops the waste it has picked up. The container area has a carbon filter to keep nasty smells down. The rake is also possible to activate manually.

As long as your cats don’t like the litter ultra-deep, this is a good multi-cat box, given its size. It’s definitely bigger than the other Littermaids and is also effective at its raking. It’s also decently priced for its size and features.


  • Comes with a paw cleaning ramp
  • Safety feature stops and reverses the rake’s movement in case the cat hops into the pan during cleaning
  • The rake is made of plastic and won’t be likely to rust


  • Motor can wear down faster if you go over prescribed litter depth

Litter Robot LRII

This globe-shaped litter box rotates after 7 minutes from the time its weight sensors detect your cat entering it. This moves the litter inside until it falls into a grate and leaves the waste, which is then slipped into a bag-lined waste container. The container returns to its original position afterwards, and is ready for use again.

This is an expensive litter box—but those who do spend that money will be likely to find it a worthwhile investment. This thing may look like a litter box for a spaceship-dwelling feline, but it works beautifully most of the time and has had a host of improvements to the original design that make it relatively low-maintenance now.


  • Waste bin is good at keeping down odors
  • Low maintenance
  • Has an Off mode


  • Pricy

ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Although it’s not expensive in the beginning, it can cost quite a bit over time. Still, if you get the plastic tray instead of the disposable refills and just buy some crystal litter to pour into it, that should cut down the expense a little bit. If you can live with that, it’s actually a nice litter box, especially with the low tracking and low dust features. Word to the wise, though – you might have to change the trays earlier than the supposed 30 days lasting-time with more than one cat going in there.

The disposable crystal litter trays on this pan are raked through 20 minutes after your cat uses the box. The waste is moved to a bin for collection.


  • No dust (because of crystal litter)
  • Rake timer resets if the sensors detect the cat getting back in
  • Can be used uncovered or covered (with an optional hood attachment)


  • Refills aren’t cheap

This 26 x 16 x 19in litter box has a hood to help keep smells controlled and also has a carbon filter. A special plastic coating reduces sticking to the sides and bottom and a mechanized rake automatically cleans up waste to store in a ready disposable waste bin.

As long as you don’t mind its noise and use the right litter for it, this is a pretty good multi-cat automatic litter box. It’s affordable and fairly easy to maintain. If your kitties tend to leave huge balls of pee it may be better to get something with a stronger rake motor, though, as this one tends to be a bit slow and underpowered.


  • Has a sleep mode
  • Good scent control
  • Min and max litter depth lines are easy to read


  • Loud
  • Doesn’t work well with slow-to-clump litters


The best buy here would be the Litter Robot LR3—if it weren’t so expensive, that is. Since its cost might make it inaccessible to a lot of people, it would likely have to yield the title to the cheaper PetSafe and Littermaid models. Both do their jobs well enough to cater to the needs of a multi-cat household.


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