Pets can be considered an extension of the family. Pets are animal friends that deserve the best love and care. Even though it can require a lot of maintenance by cleaning, feeding and treating our pet buddies well, the happiness and love they can give in return is priceless.

There are a lot of animals that can be kept as pets. The most common pets people have are dogs, cats, fish or birds. In this article, we will focus on birds; how to show them love by providing them what they need and want like bird cages and accessories.

Bird Cages

Aside from keeping your bird safe, bird cages are known to house birds and provide the place where it does everything. Thus, in order for it to grow well, there is a need for a good and clean bird cage for your feathery buddy.

It is advisable for your bird have two cages. One cage to house the bird in your home, the other to travel with the bird, or bring it to the vet or wherever else you might take it. The second cage is also used to hold the bird while you are cleaning the first bird cage.

In choosing a good bird cage for your pet, size really matters. Make sure that your bird can fully spread its wings and play inside the cage. In addition, the bird must be able to fly around the cage as freely as possible.

If you are looking for the best household and travel bird cage for your bird, you might consider purchasing these 2 high-quality bird cages.

Yaheetech Pet Bird Cage

If you are looking for a big and spacious birdcage to house your bird, then Yaheetech Pet Bird Cage could be your best option. It is made of iron and has a safe powder-coated finish to ensure your bird’s safety.

The cage has stainless steel feeding bowls, one of which could be used to store water and the other to store food. It has a wooden perch where the bird can rest. It has a pyramid-shaped play area with a ladder. It also has sliding metal trays which makes the bird cage easy to clean. Lastly, Yaheetech Pet Bird Cage has a durable push-button door lock to secure your bird without worries.


  • Spacious
  • Equipped with the bird’s needs
  • Easy to clean


  • Quite expensive

Prevue Pet Products Travel Bird Cage

Prevue Pet Products Travel Bird Cage could be the best option to house your bird while traveling with it for a short time. It has a side door which allows the bird to go inside the cage. It has stainless steel dishes for food and water containers and a perch inside where the bird can rest. It has a removable grille at the bottom of the bird cage for easy cleaning. Lastly, you can fold this Prevue Pet Products Travel Bird Cage for easy storage.


  • Handy
  • Ideal for traveling with the bird for a short time
  • Equipped with the bird’s needs while traveling


  • Only suitable for small birds

Bird Accessories

From the word itself, bird accessories are just add-ons that make the bird’s life inside the cage stress-free and fun. Aside from providing your bird its own home, buying it some bird accessories will keep it busy and happy inside the birdcage.

Buying your bird some accessories makes it practice its physical and pecking skills. There are accessories the bird can use to hide itself, toys that are designed for the bird to peck on, as well as toys that are designed as a play tool for the bird.

Below, we provided the three best-rated bird accessories you can add to your bird’s cage:

All Living Things Block Bird Toy

This chunk bird toy makes your bird practice its pecking skills because it can use this to dig its beak into. All Living Things Chunk Bird Toy is made of colorful chunks of wood attached to a strong chain with a tinkling bell. This toy’s screw lock hanger makes it easy for you to attach it to your bird cage securely and worry-free.


  • Affordable price
  • Great for practicing the bird’s pecking ability
  • Colorful toy attractive to birds
  • Ideal for picky birds


  • Chunks are fewer

All Living Things Rope Bird Perch

All Living Things Rope Bird Perch is made from good and durable materials like cotton. This perch has a colorful look that is attractive when placed inside the birdcage. All Living Things Rope Bird Perch is bendable which allows you to form it into any shape you want. What makes it better too is that it has no wires inside which ensures the safety and full comfort of your bird. All Living Things Rope Bird Perch is hand-washable, is as long as 32” and is ideal for medium-sized birds.


  • Affordable price
  • Colorful and comfortable resting perch
  • Wireless


  • Does not fit small cages well

Wesco Pet Kozy Keet Bird Playnest

Wesco Pet Kozy Keet Bird Playnest is a great way for birds to practice chewing and pecking. This accessory will make your bird enjoy it by chewing on it. Though the time your bird may get to know this accessory varies, Wesco Pet Kozy Keet Bird Playnest is a great accessory. Just hang it inside the cage using a wire and let the birds do the rest.


  • Great toy for birds to chew
  • Affordable
  • Can be easily put inside the cage
  • deal for nesting


  • Takes time for the bird to know this accessory

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