The A & E Co. Soft Sided Travel Bird Carrier allows you to take your bird wherever you may need to travel. It has incredibly soft sides that are made with canvas designed with a floral pattern and there are so many options to choose from. Inside is a wire cage, with mesh screen sides and this is what makes your bird comfortable. One of the most beneficial aspects of this bird carrier is the fact that it has a very sturdy handle allowing to carry it with ease and it has a convenient should strap as well.

With the many different size options, this type of bird carrier is able to hold a canary, a cockatoo and a finch. This bird carrier was designed and manufactured by the A & E Cage Co., LLC. This company is a family owned and operated business that has been designing bird cages for the last 30 years and they continue to push forward into the pet industry. They have specifically designed these bird carriers for your bird to feel happy, safe, and healthy.

A & E Cage Co. Soft Sided Travel Bird Carrier

The A & E Co. Soft Sided Travel Bird Carrier is a unique and conveniently designed cage that will help make travel comfortable and easy for you and your bird. It gives the bird a safe place to stay while you are on your travels and is a very durable cage, there are several options to choose from and it helps make the journey an enjoyable one.


- There are several options to choose from

- Protected wire and mesh screen sides

- Convenient hand and shoulder strap

- Floral pattern and color options

- Incredibly durable


- Birds are not able to see through it very well

- Straps can be difficult to use

Caitec Perch N Go Polycarbonate Bird Carrier

When animals are taken on trips, they can become incredibly stressed over the entire process. In the Caitec Perch N Go Polycarbonate Bird Carrier, your feathered pet will be able to enjoy the journey completely stress free. This carrier allows your bird to have a complete view of its surroundings and since you also have a clear view of your bird you are able to keep your eye on them.

This carrier has been specifically designed and constructed using an extremely lightweight and durable polycarbonate and features a stainless steel door on the front and back providing the bird with complete cross ventilation. It also comes equipped with a convenient handle so that it is a lot easier to carry and travel with. This bird carrier was specifically designed to benefit the bird and owner.


- Transfers your bird safely

- Helps to reduce stress and trauma that your bird might feel during travel

- Front and back stainless steel doors for cross ventilation

- Constructed of the best durable and lightweight polycarbonate

- Allows your bird a complete view of their surroundings


- It is a difficult carrier to put together

The Caitec Perch N Go Polycarbonate Bird Carrier is one of the highest rated bird carriers on the market. This cage was designed in a very unique way to keep your bird safe and for you to worry less about them as you travel. The Caitec Perch N Go Polycarbonate Bird Carrier is the perfect device to make sure that your bird stays 100% healthy, does not get too stressed or anxious and allows you to watch them. The bird being able to see all of their surroundings as well and it transfers your bird safely.

Penn-Plax Bird Carrier

Anyone who has a bird for a pet, understands that cages and carriers are a necessity. However, there are so many cages and carriers that are so large and they take up so much room that travel is neither comfortable nor convenient. Because of this it is prudent to make sure and purchase one that will not be a hassle and is easy to operate. The Penn-Plax Bird Carrier is a small and easy carrier to handle for pet birds. It is a small cage that makes travel convenient, yet holds enough space for your bird to rest comfortably as you travel along your journey. Making sure that your bird is comfortable on the trip is a key ingredient. The Penn-Plax is the perfect carrier to keep the bird safe and stress-free.


- The door of the carrier is large allowing you to access your bird with ease

- It is great for any kind of trip such as to grandma's, friend's, and even long distance travel

- It is convenient to take on vacation; and when your bird is not inside of it you can collect items you may buy on your trip

- Stress-free travel for your bird and yourself

- Small enough to travel with but large enough for the bird to be comfortable

- Inexpensive carrier but made of fairly good quality materials


- Exercise care as it might break easily

- Somewhat flimsy cage, make sure the cage stays properly closed or the bird can escape

- The perch bars and cage handle do not stay securely in place

- Cheaply assembled and needs to be handled with caution

The Penn-Plax Bird Carrier is a way to carry your bird around safely wherever it is that you may go. It is designed to be small enough to easily carry with you on a trip but large enough to keep your bird safe and stress-free in the carrier during your travels. It is specifically designed for easy travel and the plus side is the fact that your bird will remain in a healthy state throughout the trip and you will be left with a stress free and happy bird.

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