Cats are a popular pet. They are easy to care for, they love to cuddle and they aren't a big hassle to keep as a pet. Some even enjoy dressing up their cats and having a fun time with them or they enjoy dressing them in cat apparel in general. There are so many items of cat clothes that can be purchased from many different stores. These items of clothing range from sweatshirts to sweaters to dresses and costumes and many other outfits.

Japanese Kimono

CatYou Pet Inc. has many years of experience in the pet fashion industry. Their number one goal is to offer quality products with top-tier customer service, quick delivery, and at affordable prices that anyone can afford. That being said they have a large selection of clothing that is available to pet owners, and one of the most popular items is the CatYou Pet Dress Japanese Kimono. Before you purchase the CatYou Pet Dress Japanese Kimono outfit for your cat there are many things that you will have to do before deciding whether or not to make the purchase. Measuring your pet is going to be the most important part of this entire process.

If you have a cat that usually wears a size small, it doesn't necessarily mean that all size smalls will fit them. It is prudent to make sure and use the measuring chart that each company has for their pet clothing. When you buy from different manufacturers and designers they usually have their own measuring chart that you can go by. It is best not to buy an outfit in a particular size just because that is what size you would normally purchase from an online store or from a pet shop.

Double check the proper size with the chart and always remember to get your pet’s neck and chest girth and their back length and make sure that you confirm the size before you commit to buying. It is also important to take the measurements loosely so your cat has plenty of room to move and breathe and without any discomfort.


- Incredibly soft outfit to keep your cat comfortable and relaxed

- It is a great outfit for a party or any other type of gathering

- Perfect outfit for cats or any other small to medium sized pets

- Very beautiful outfit and very well made


- Some of the sizes are a bit bigger than they look and you should measure your pet before purchasing

The CatYou Japanese Kimono is a perfect outfit for your cat. It is comfortable, safe, and your pet will not be frustrated while wearing it. It is very well made and considered one of the most popular and best items of clothing that you can purchase for your pet. It'll be fun to have them wear it.

Bro'Bear Cable Knit Turtleneck Sweater

The Bro'Bear Cable Knit Turtleneck Sweater is an adorable turtleneck sweater that you can purchase for your cat. It was designed and made with a very warm acrylic fabric and is very comfortable for cats to wear without agitation. When you purchase this beautiful designer outfit for your pet it will be both comfortable and stylish to the most adored and most playful member of your family.

This sweater is designed to keep your pet snug and warm during the harsh and cold winter months and they will be able to snuggle up and get warm in this turtleneck sweater. There are several pros and cons to this outfit as there are with any other item that you purchase and they make the sweater what it is.


- The best style and the most comfort is what your pet will receive with this sweater

- Designed with acrylic fabric so that your cat stays nice and warm

- Machine washable and safe for tumble drying

- Variety of colors to choose from


- Is a bit bulky and some cats do not have a lot of room to move in it

- Easy for your cat to figure out how to remove the sweater

- Doesn't fit snuggly enough and can slide right off of your cat

So, the Bro'Bear Cable Knit Turtleneck Sweater has the ability to keep your pet warm, snug, and feeling very comfortable. With many colors to choose from, you will be able to find the perfect sweater for your cat to wear and enjoy. You will be satisfied with the way your pet looks in this turtleneck sweater and also how comfortable they are.

Cat Princess Tutu Dress

There may be a time when you might want to take your cat out to a party, get together, a special event, or any other type of activity. When you plan on taking your cat it is always fun to dress them up for the event. The Urparcel Pet Cat Princess Tutu Dress is one of the highest rated tutu dresses on the market. This adorable pink dress is a good way to give your cat the style and look that you want, so your pet can be a big hit at the event.

You want to purchase a dress that is going to have everyone turn and stare at the beauty of the dress and the Urparcel Pet Cat Princess Tutu Dress is the perfect dress to accomplish this. This dress was designed for style and fashion and it will definitely increase both of these in your cat.


- A very beautiful and cute dress

- Pull over dress, no snaps to worry about

- Well made

- Inexpensive

- Excellent quality


- Too small if you do not measure your pet properly

- Tutu part of the dress is not fluffy, it is flat

When you are looking for the perfect party dress, the Urparcel Pet Cat Princess Tutu Dress is the best option to make your pet cat look amazing and beautiful. It is a pull over dress so there is no worry with buttons, it is a very comfortable fit, a beautiful color and design, and you can purchase it at an easily affordable price. It is one of the most popular and favorite dresses in the pet fashion industry and it will satisfy the customer, as well as their pet, every single time.

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