One of the most neglected aspects of cat ownership involves cat beds & furniture. Some people don't think their cats will need them and might consider them needless luxuries. Some might underestimate the utility of getting cat beds & furniture for their feline companions. In fact, getting cat beds and other types of cat furniture can make a huge difference when it comes to the overall psychological health and behavior of a cat. Cat owners are advised to consider investing in that aspect of their pet’s health.

Staying Occupied

Cats may not be anywhere near the top of the ladder when it comes to animal intelligence, but they are much smarter than the animals at the bottom. Cats are predators. They're obligate carnivores, in fact. They evolved to outsmart prey and adapt to new challenges. Cats that spend a huge portion of their days alone in a human home without any stimulation of any kind and with no new areas to explore are going to become bored and frustrated very quickly since they did evolve to be too smart to be content with those circumstances.

One of the great things about cat furniture is that it is capable of keeping cats occupied intellectually and physically. Cats don't need to be taken for walks every day like dogs. In fact, owners of very small dogs will often find that taking small dogs on regular walks tires them out and that their little dogs just need some time in the back yard. Cats are around the same scale in terms of size and they can get plenty of exercise on their own. However, they do need a place to exercise.

People who live in apartments or small houses are not going to have a lot of room for cats to explore and their cats aren't going to be able to get much exercise. While a cat may seem to be small enough for a little living space cat owners should ideally try to brighten up the place with some cat furniture. Complicated cat habitats and cat playgrounds will provide them places to climb, places to explore, new challenges and new places to scratch. Getting an indoor cat habitat, especially an indoor cat habitat that has material similar to that of a scratching post can make a huge difference in terms of the cat’s behavior.

Cats also need scratching posts. Cats don't scratch up the furniture out of malice in most cases. The scratching is very much a part of regenerating their claws. They need to have a place to do this. Owners that buy scratching posts for their cats will usually find that their furniture won't become a target anywhere near as often which will make all the difference in the world for them. A scratching post that is big enough and complicated enough to provide some intellectual challenge for cats can also make a big difference for people who are trying to give their cats the best possible quality of life.

Cat habitats are going to start to look shabby relatively quickly since cats are going to rip at them with their claws. However, cats aren't going to care and they're still going to climb on them and play on them as often as they can. Owners who buy large and complicated cat habitats will end up changing the look and feel of their own apartments in the process. Some cat owners like the odd look of cat habitats. At any rate, they will notice the difference in their pets' behavior the moment that they give them simulation and a place to scratch.

Feeling Safe

Cat beds and cat furniture in general can help cats feel safe and secure. Animals, especially carnivorous animals like cats, are very territorial. They seem to regard humans as members of their packs or groups at some level since cats are social animals just like dogs. However, cats will often feel better psychologically if they have a part of their homes that they can really call their own. Giving cats soft and warm cat beds can make all the difference for them psychologically.

When cats are stressed they can retreat into their beds. When they're tired or otherwise not feeling like they're at their best they can do the same thing. An animal in the wild needs to do this for the sake of survival and it’s the same for domesticated animals who are still products of their wild heritage.

Cat owners also do not always want their cats to sleep on their beds or furniture. Cats might do so anyway but they're going to be less likely to do this if they have cat beds that are soft and spacious enough for them. Of course, cats also feel secure in relatively compact spaces, so getting a typical small, fleece cat bed should suffice. When it comes to cat furniture, cat beds are among the most important pieces.

Cats might scratch up their beds, but they can be surprisingly good at compartmentalizing on that score. Many of them keep their beds in good condition since their beds are part of feeling safe and secure in their own homes. People who buy cats their own beds are going to need to make sure they also buy them their own scratching posts. However, they're still going to notice the difference in behavior in their pets.

Cat beds & furniture are important for animals that are as relatively intelligent as cats. Cats may not have the psychological and emotional lives that humans have but they are still capable of feeling a wide range of emotions. They still have a wide range of personality. Cat owners usually manage to get the best of their cats' personalities by giving them cat habitats and cat beds, fulfilling their needs with cat furniture.

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