There are so many of us that love to pet our cat and give them a good massage and it often seems that we can do this for hours but when it comes to actually grooming them we feel too tired or lazy. If this is the case for so many of us there is something that will solve all of these issues and it is called the Magic Grooming Glove. This is an item that is exactly what we are all looking for so we can groom our cats with ease and have fun doing it.

The Magic Grooming Glove is a way to de-shed your cat but it doesn't feel like it's an obligation to do so anymore and it makes it feel like you are just petting your cat. When using this glove, the fur is so much easier to remove. The reason it is called a "magic" glove is because with just one swipe of the hand, the shedding fur is completely removed making it seem like a magic miracle.


- Pets will absolutely love this product

- It can be used on any type of hair or surface, big or small

- It is incredibly easy to use and clean

- Includes a lifetime warranty


- The fur sticks to the material on the glove and is hard to clean off

- Many left handed users have complained that it is hard to use their right hand to get the job done

When it comes down to it, the Magic Grooming Glove is considered to be the highest rated cat grooming product on the cat grooming supplies market. It can remove shedding hair and remove all of it in just one wipe. It is a good way to massage your cat as well, which relaxes them. They will be relaxed and you will feel relieved of shedding fur.

BOGZON Pet Professional Nail Scissors

The BOGZON Pet Professional Nail Scissors is a professional nail clipper that you can use on your cat, that gives you a way to stay home and clip your own pet’s nails, instead of spending money each time for a professional to do it. The blades on these scissors are very durable allowing them to remain sharp for a long period of time and for a multitude of sessions. It has safety guards on the blades which prevent you from over clipping your cat’s nails preventing any serious injury or bleeding. These clippers are designed for small to large animals and will get the job done right every time.

These blades are so amazing that they allow you to clip faster and cleaner, without having to expend too much effort. This also minimizes stress for your pet as well. The cleaner and smoother clip of the nails keeps your cat walking around in comfort and also prevents damage to the floor. These scissors also come with a safety latch so when you are not using them anyone who picks them up won't get any injuries.


- Cuts small pets toenails

- Recommended by pet groomers and veterinarians

- Ergonomic and non-slip rubber coated handles

- Specifically designed for safety whether in use or not


- There haven't been any disadvantages listed for these clippers as of yet

The BOGZON Pet Professional Nail Scissors is considered a very satisfying choice for so many customers who have purchased them. They will always get the job done and your cat’s nails will be short, smooth, and comfortable for them to walk around.

They are professional clippers meaning that your cat will be getting the absolute best quality as if they were visiting a pet grooming professional. The blades are incredibly sharp and they will eventually become dull as you use them but they remain sharp for many uses. These pet grooming scissors are the perfect addition to your pets’ grooming routine that they will enjoy going through.

Anyone who has pets understands what it is like to deal with matted and tangled hair on their pet. There are so many things that can cause this. Your cat could get food, dirt, mud, litter and even dead hair all tangled in a knot or matted. Even though this is a frustrating issue there is a grooming tool that will be able to help get rid of that matted and tangle fur on your cat’s body. This tool is called the de-matting comb and it has the ability to get through the thickest coats of fur.

The stainless steel blade is able to groom and massage your cat’s fur for a very healthy coat and this also helps your pet’s blood to circulate and flow properly. It is designed with long sharp teeth to pull apart and comb through the matted areas of the fur and the rounded edges of the comb are able to protect the most sensitive skin on cats. Even after you use this comb for the first time you will notice that your cat’s hair is much sleeker and your cat will also feel great and look amazing.


- No-scratch round teeth

- Your pet will look and feel great

- The best comb to remove tangles, matted fur, knots, and shedding

- Durable, strong, and comfortable

- Money back guarantee


- Takes several tries to get it to work properly, you have to work at it very hard

- The blades can fall apart

- The brush is very small and doesn't cover enough area

The De-matting Comb is a comb that can help to rid your cat of matted or tangled fur. There are many positive reviews of this de-matting comb and many satisfied customers. There are a few drawbacks to the comb but overall it is a pretty decent buy for what this comb is able to do. It has the ability to remove matted and tangled fur without hurting or injuring your cat and keeps them comfortable and safe.

DakPets Pet Grooming Tool & Pet Grooming Brush- NO.1 BEST SELLER For Small, Medium & Large Dogs + Cats, With Short to Long Hair. Dramatically Reduces Shedding In Minutes GUARANTEED

  • BEWARE- DAK Corp Is The Only Authorized Seller of DakPets Products. OVER 10,000 POSITIVE REVIEWS ON AMAZON. Reduces Shedding By Up To 95% In Only 10 Minutes- which is coupled with a subtle light thinning, So you don't have to worry about unsightly hair or fur all over your house, furniture or car. Not to mention the amount of MONEY you'll SAVE with your Vet or Pet Groomer! So well- priced you can keep one in the house and one in the car
  • OUR UNCONDITIONAL MONEY-BACK-GUARANTEE - ABSOLUTELY NO RISK TO YOU! If you BREAK it We REFUND it. We offer a no questions asked REPLACEMENT TOOL or REFUND if for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase! Our Guarantee to you - It's As Simple As That!
  • EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY 4 inch, Strong, Stainless Steel Comb, With Safe Blade Cover that protects the blades life span after you use it each time. STRONG Robust handle that simply will not break. You won't be running back to us to buy another Deshedding & Light Trimming Tool All The Time.
  • GENTLE on your dog's skin and suitable for pets with single and double coats, brushing will leave your pet with healthy skin and a shiny coat. Did you know that animal dander is a leading cause of indoor allergies? KEEP ALLERGIES AT BAY with regular brushing of your furry companion you will reduce the likelihood and impact of allergic reactions in your home
  • BUY 3 SAVE 15%. Buy 3 or more of Our Deshedding Tools and Save 15% to 20% at checkout (no coupon needed). Buy a Spare One; One For A Loved One and One For A Friend. RECOMMENDED BY both Veterinarians and Professional Groomers. Be amazed at the results of both Cat Brush and Dog Brush for ALL SHAPES & SIZES - Small, Medium & Large - Cats and Dogs that have short, medium and long hair. Which means you can use our FURblaster confidently on all your pets

Downtown Pet Supply Cat Grooming Restraint Bag

Size Medium Fits Cats 10 - 15 lbs., Medium bag measures 18"L x 9 1/2"W. Ideal for dental cleanings, injections, ear and eye treatments, examinations, and administration of medicine. Constructed of 100% heavy-duty black polyester with large rubber mesh inserts to let water in and drain out when bathing. Two front zippers allow cleaning of front paws, as well as nail clipping. Three rear zippers allow access to rear paws and hindquarters. Ideal for professionals as well as owners - groomers, vets, shelters, rescues. Professionally packaged with the Downtown Pet Supply Logo.

  • Includes a small cat bag and free small cat muzzle
  • Ideal for dental cleanings, injections, ear and eye treatments, examinations, and administration of medicine
  • Two front zippers allow cleaning of front paws, as well as nail clipping
  • Three rear zippers allow easy access to rear paws and hindquarters

Use these thick, large, moist wipes as a touch-up grooming solution or as a bath alternative. Earthbath grooming wipes handily clean pets' dirty paws, undercoat, (dirty bottoms too.), while imparting a show quality shine. Remove dander, drool, discharge and cling-ons from playing in the unknown. They contain only natural cleansers and conditioners, including exotic Hawaiian awapuhi extract, a shine-enhancing coat conditioner. These natural wipes contain no animal by-products (lanolin-free) or alcohol and will not remove spot-on flea control products. Both varieties contain Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to moisturize coat and skin. Notice how soft your hands are after wiping your pet. Safe for daily use on all animals over 6 weeks old.

  • Totally natural pet care, 100-percent bio-degradable and cruelty free
  • Fragrance and allergen free
  • Wipe away dirt and odors
  • All-natural conditioners
  • Bath alternative

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