Scooping the litter box is probably one of the least agreeable tasks for those charged with taking care of cats. Some find it so repugnant, they turn to automated systems such as the Litter Robot 3, The LitterMaid 980 Mega, the CatGenie Self-Washing Cat Box, the ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter box, or the Omega Paw Self-Cleaning litter box. For reviews of these automated litter boxes, please click here: 

For those who don't mind dealing with the litter box on a more personal level, the most important tool is the manual litter scoop. These come in two basic varieties: 1. short handle or 2. long handle. The long handle types are great for saving wear and tear on your back while scooping, because you can scoop from a standing position rather than stooping over the box. Another advantage to a long handle is that it keeps the waste at arm's length, and exposes you to less litter dust. The drawback is that they are a little on the pricey side.

On the other hand, a shorter handle affords you more precision in scooping, and allows for the use of a hide-away storage bin that keeps the scoop out of sight when not in use. With a short handle scoop, we want a sturdy handle and scoop that will not bend or flick material around unexpectedly. Presented in this article are reviews of the 11 best cat litter scoops from both basic categories: both short and long handles, and details of the pros and cons of each model.

Duranimals DuraScoop Cat Litter Scoop

The Duranimals Durascoop is a corrosion resistant, cast aluminum scoop with a fully-shafted handle covered by a comfortable rubberized grip. This wide, deep scoop enables you to easily remove large clumps and clean the litter box effectively and vigorously. The scoop measures 12.7 by 5.9 by 2.6 inches. In spite of its large size, the Durascoop is extremely lightweight, only about 6 oz. The ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to hold and keep your hand out of the soiled litter. Thanks to the ninety degree corners and flat-edged blade, it works both as a garden trowel and a hand-held hoe. It also works for sifting seashells from the wet sand at the beach. Available with a Mint Green, Turquoise, and Coral handle.

It is a very efficient scoop for removal of clumps, and unlike flimsy scoops, will not flick or fling waste material due to excess handle flexibility. The sides of the scoop are designed to minimize scatter.


· It is ergonomic and comfortable to use

· Good weight and balance

· Cast aluminum construction

· Corrosion resistant finish


· No way to order a specific color

· May be a little too large when using small bags

Maison La Queue's Designer Cat Litter Scoop and Base

Maison La Queue's designer cat litter scooper provides an elegant solution to your cat's private needs. It measures 4.5 x 2.8 x 9.2 inches, and weighs 8.2 ounces. Specially crafted for design-conscious cat owners, a modern, sleek, and sophisticated answer to a drab litter area has arrived. This product was designed and is manufactured locally in Los Angeles, CA.

The unit provides a convenient compact base in which to hide the scooper when not in use. It presents a minimalist design that incorporates a comfortable handle with a firm grip. This is a durable, long-lasting product of outstanding strength that comes in eco-friendly packaging.


· Durable yet sleek

· Sturdy plastic construction

· Well constructed hide-away bin

· Made in the USA


· A tad pricey (but worth it)

Endurance Stainless Steel Cat Litter Box Poop Scoop

This strong, durable stainless steel scoop has a 6-1/2-inch long handle and 11-1/4-inch overall length. High sides and a broad 5-inch wide opening make clean up quick. This will be the last scoop you'll need - saving money for treats and toys!

The short yet large handle is comfortable in the hand, providing an nice and easy grip for right or left handed people, young or old. The scoop is a deecent size, measuring approximately 11 1/4 inches overall, The handle is 6 1/2-inches, and the width of the scoop is 5-inches. The scoop is easy to clean, just wipe it off. Some people throw it in the dishwasher, but that's a little too convenient for me.


· Sturdy enough: gets the job done

· All metal construction

· Easy to clean


· Scoop is a little small for large cats, but better for kittens

· Handle could be more ergonomic

Petmate Metal Litter Scoop

The Petmate Metal litter scoop is made of durable die cast aluminum. Measuring 13 x 5.5 x 2 inches, it features a slotted design to make cleanup easy. The two toned, TPR handle has an ergonomic grip for ease of use, and a hang hole is provided for convenient storage. This scoop is appropriate for use with all types of litter. The Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan is a good complement to this product. .


· Ergonomic grip

· Includes a hang hole

Fairly inexpensive


· Metal part doesn't extend to the end of the handle so it sags a bit when lifting a heavy load

Cat Litter Scoop

with Grey Handle 

Giant Stainless Steel Metal Pet Kitty Litter

This slotted design stainless steel scoop makes clean up easy. The scoop measures 13.58"Lx5.51"Wx1.97"H. The two toned, TPR handle has an ergonomic grip for ease of use. A hang hole is provided for convenient storage. The scoop is effective with all types of litter. In spite of its large size and is extremely lightweight.

· Will not bend, break, flick or rust

· Jumbo sized

· Multi-cat tested

· Light weight

· Anti-scatter sides; Assorted retro design/vintage colors


· Lightweight

· Includes a hang hole

· Stainless steel scoop

· Ergonomic grip


· The handle lacks support for the last three inches causing too much flexibility for heavy loads

 POLISHING Metal Cat Litter Scoop with Blue Handle, Giant Aluminum Alloy 

The New Chi-buy cat litter scoop measures 13.78"Lx5.51"Wx1.57"H. It represents an updated innovation introducing the METAL TABS/ROUND TEETH feature, making it easier to clean the dirty litter that adheres to the box. Further, the metal joint has been made longer to prevent breaking or bending of the rubber grip. New improvements in the sifter spacing allows a 2-second sift with no shaking necessary. Also, the new polishing process makes this aluminum scooper more corrosion-resistant. It also does a great job of sifting seashells from the wet sand at the beach.


· Rounded edges prevents cutting the box

· Sturdy decent sized scoop

· Metal Tabs/Round Teeth make it easier to clean

· Longer metal joint avoids breaking the rubber grip

Corrosion-resistant aluminum construction


· Handle could be sturdier and a bit longer

Petmate Ultimate Litter Scoop 22972

The Petmate Ultimate Litter Scoop is a very durable plastic scoop with a nice long ergonomically designed handle that enables you to scoop the litter box while standing.

The extra-large scoop sifts at a faster rate that the average scoop, and features a serrated edge to get under the toughest mess. This easy-grip over-molded handled scoop is great for multiple cat families.


· Very durable plastic construction

· Nice long handle (handle is 12 inches. Total length 18 inches)

· Easy to use


· Colors may vary

Imperial Cat Neat 'n Tidy, Heavy Duty Litter Scoop for Cats

This serious chrome-plated heavy-gauge wire scoop with a vinyl-coated handle measures 20 x 4.5 x 6.5 inches - and 18" handle - basket to tip. The grid squares are an ideal 3/8" wide. This scoop features a nice, sturdy extra-long comfort-grip handle. When you scoop, you will remove clumps while the clean litter sifts right through.


· The scoop is made of chrome plated heavy-gauge wire.

· Nice long comfortable handle

· Grid squares are a decent size

· Doubles as a woodstove ash scoop


· none

PURRR-FECT SCOOP 34 in Tall, Standing Litter Scoop, Silver

The Purrr-fect Scoop is a 34 inch tall scooper that makes cleaning a litter box fast, safe, comfortable and easy. It has the Purrr-fect angle to stand and scoop or sit and scoop.

The integral "D grip" adds security, maneuverability and power to any scooping angle or direction. Unlike the straight shaft or wire shaft scoops, the Purrr-fect Scoop is comfortable and easy on your hands. The "D grip" provides ample maneuverability without wrist strain.

The Purrr-fect Scoop is almost impossible to break. The shaft is made of steel, and the scooper and "D grip" are made from strong, resilient polymer. This scoop can easily lift 20 pounds. The unit has been stress-tested and engineered to last for many years. You can scoop a regular sized litter box in a few seconds and a large multi-cat full litter box in about one minute. This scoop picks up the smallest little pieces and the largest. The large wedged scoop easily rips debris from the bottom and sides of the litter box.

With this device there is no further need to stoop over to scoop the litter box. The PURRR-FECT SCOOP: Is the strongest and best back-saving litter scoop ever designed. It is made and patented in the USA. It is constructed from high tech polymer and steel rather than cheap plastic. Clears all litter box debris from the large clumps down to the little bits. This scoop is designed to clean the toughest clumps with very little effort. It is very lightweight, weighing in at around 8.5oz. It is the only litter scoop with a D grip. The scoop's angle and D grip allows a person to clean a litter box with one arm, or safely and securely from a sitting position. For about the cost of a bag of cat food you can own the PURRR-FECT SCOOP. A portion of all sales of the PURRR-FECT SCOOP go to animal rescues and spade and neuter programs. Works with any type of litter, for best results use the scoop with clumping litter.


· Sturdy construction

· Very long handle prevents stooping

· Made in the USA

· A portion of all sales of the PURRR-FECT SCOOP go to animal rescues and spade and neuter programs.

· Works with any type of litter


· none

Sand Dipper Jr - Long Handle Back Saver Hygienic Cat Litter Scoop

The Sand Dipper Jr. is a high-quality long-handled litter scoop measuring 27.5 x 4 x 4 inches; and weighing about 11.2 ounces. The long handle prevents the inadvertent inhalation of litter dust and keeps the waste material at arm's length. It also helps to alleviate back problems due to bending over to scoop the litter box. It is equipped with a sturdy marine-grade stainless steel basket for sifting and lifting clumps easily with no static dust build-up. Similar to the technology that goes in to a high tech aluminum ski pole, the Sand Dipper features a secure handle with a wrist loop for easy hanging. The Sand Dipper comes with a no-questions-asked refund or replace one year warranty.

Pays for itself with the litter you don't throw away. ¼ inch metal sieve pores means you quickly sieve thru the litter box and collect the bad but leave the good litter.

Not all kitty scoopers are alike. This is built with strong rust resistant steel and a good mesh size for quickly sifting litter.

It costs more to make a metal kitty litter scoop, but it is worth the results. It quickly sifts the litter, saves the good litter. And guess what, since it is metal and not plastic, no static litter dust is stuck to the scoop.

Perfect for Most Cat households
This is a great scoop which is great for most cat households. It is not the largest scoop, and it has a round shape, but most folks love it for making quick scooping easy.


· Durable light-weight aluminum construction

· Comes in two pieces that screw together, so it does not collapse while using it.

· Basket is made of steel; has the strength to do the job without flexing

· The lower piece can also be used by itself when you just want a slightly longer scooper but do not need the full length.

· Can also be used for scooping up cat toys that feline friends leave strewn around the floor.

· Helps reduce exposure to litter dust

· Easier on the back than short-handled scoopers

Easy to clean


· Not quite long enough to reach the litter box without bending a little bit.

· Round scoop design doesn't get into the corners very well

Petconvenience Recommendations:

1. PURRR-FECT SCOOP 34in Tall, Standing Litter Scoop, Silver

For the long-handle category, this is one serious piece of scooping technology.

2. Imperial Cat Neat 'n Tidy, Heavy Duty Litter Scoop for Cats

Another great high-tech scoop with a long handle, with no negatives.

3. Duranimals DuraScoop Cat Litter Scoop

For those who prefer a short-handled scoop, the Duranimals DuraScoop is a great scoop, if you are not picky about the color options.

4. Maison La Queue's Designer Cat Litter Scoop and Base

Great choice if you want a sleek hide-away option, and you don't mind a short handle option.

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