When a family takes a pet into their home, there is usually a time of adjustment. Specifically if it is a dog, that has to learn the family’s rules and guidelines that govern what they should do to fit in seamlessly. In some cases, the training curve may be quite lengthy or it may not take much time at all. However, since every situation is different, families will often need to be patient to accommodate them properly. Fortunately, today there are numerous products on the market that can assist the family with this training period and they can be found online and in retail stores. Some of the more commonly known involve the use of Dog Training & Behavior Aids.

Because these training aids can differ greatly from one manufacturer to another, you may have to shop around online or in retail stores to find the best aid to support the training process. So, for dog owners who may need a little extra support in training their dogs how to fit in well in their new environment, here a few products that can help.

TENTEN 4 in 1 Dog Training Collar

This training collar has been designed with various functions in mind. One of the most essential is providing consumers with a way to train their dogs via Remote Control: Therefore, the dog can be trained from afar so they will not get out of control when the person is not within reaching distance.

Because this dog training collar may take a little extra time for the dog to get used, there is usually a need for a training collar that has rechargeable batteries. In addition to recharging the batteries, the buyer can also expect it to be water resistant. It is also important to note that this device is equipped with an LCD panel display. This panel gives the user a water-resistant remote control that can be controlled from a distance. Even though this dog collar is waterproof, it should still be removed before giving it a bath or deciding to jump into the family pool.

With this type of dog collar, the owner can train the dog how to perform certain activities properly. Specifically, when the dog begins to bark when it should not. For example, when the family is trying to sleep and rest at night, the constant barking can be a big unwanted distraction to the family as well as neighbors.

With this training and behavior collar, the problem can easily be solved since it allows the owner to safely administer an alert to keep them from barking during these inopportune times. Based on the type of message that the owner wants to send, it has 4 adjustable functional modes that can be activated and they are a static shock, a beep, a vibration or a light. All of which are safe choices that can be used to get the pets attention. It is also important to note that the intensity of the alert that is used can be adjusted in level from 1 to 100. Anyone in the family can help to train a pet with a dog collar because it has been designed for ease of use. So, children and adults alike can help with this responsibility anytime that it is needed.


  • This a great buy for those who need the additional assistance for training a pet because it works as it claims.
  • Affordable price for the quality and design.

  • The learning curve for this training aid is very short since in some cases it can take as little as 5 minute for a pet to get the message so it is well worth the price.

  • Great for keeping the dog out of danger when they are trying to run out of the yard.

  • Comes with an easy to read manual that teaches the user how it works

  • Safe way to teach the dog the dos and don'ts without causing them physical harm


  • Customers complained about the device not working properly after 2 months.

  • Works randomly at times and the collar broke so not always trustworthy

Petronics 330 Yards Rechargeable Shock Training Collar with Remote, Electronic Dog Training Collar for Large Dog with Static Shock, Vibration, Beep and Light

This remote control training collar comes with a wide array of useful features and they are as follows:

Blue Backlight Screen designed to train 1 dog at a time. The alerts that the dog receives come in the form of a Beep Vibration or as Shock Electronic. This device can be Quickly synchronized within 10 seconds meaning the collar and transmitter can be functional immediately. Made with over 3000 identity codes which means the manufacturer has designed it to prevent any kind of interference or conflict with other devices.

Has a 300 meter range for ease in training dogs when they are significantly farther away. 4 functional modes including a static shock, vibration, light, or beep. 100 levels of intensity in vibration and static shock to find and accommodate the dog’s size as well as their personality.


  • Built in Rechargeable batteries
  • Power Saving capabilities
  • Durable and adjustable, 100% tested
  • Manufactures offer 1 Year Warranty


  • Product really works so consumers are pleased when they make their purchase
  • Simple way to train a dog without harming or scaring them
  • Quick training that works in minutes, finding the dog's unique alert method
  • Stops dog mid bark
  • Can train dog to remain in certain areas quickly
  • Owner can choose method of alert that they feel most comfortable with, even though it will not harm them some people may not like the shock functionality provided for training purposes


  • Recharging the device can be a pain
  • Does not work on big dogs like German Shepard's even at an intensity of 100 (max)

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