Finding the best food for your cat

TThis is a popular time of the year for cat adoptions and re-homing, and with so many becoming first-time cat parents, it’s important to take a look at cat care basics. Cat food is one of the most important purchases you make for your pet, and with so many options on the shelf at the grocery store and pet store, it can be hard to know which options are safe and healthy.

In light of recent recall controversy, the team at recently released a guide to finding the best cat food where they spent 300 hours researching the industry. After consulting with veterinary professionals and cat owners alike, then analyzing more than 1,700 formulas, they determined that there are some very important questions to ask yourself when shopping for cat food:

Is meat the first ingredient?

Cats are obligate carnivores, which means their diet must be high in protein. Ingredients in cat food are listed in order of contents, from highest weight present to lowest weight present. Formulas that are mostly meat will have meat listed as the very first ingredient, so choose these formulas that also indicate what the source of the meat is. This ensures your cat is getting quality protein from an identifiable source.

Are artificial ingredients, preservatives, and dyes okay?


What about brands with recalls, quality and customer complaints?

Cat foods manufactured in the US, Canada, and New Zealand typically have the most strict food-quality laws, so choose foods from these sources when possible
Brands that don’t identify their manufacturer are suspect, avoid them when possible. If the manufacturer isn’t comfortable putting their name on the food, then why should your cat eat it?
Delve deep into how complaints, in particular, are fielded by the company. If there are reports that food made cats sick, how was it handled?
Take a look at recent controversy: are there new lawsuits or mislabeling allegations? What is their recall history?

After taking these factors into consideration, you’ll be able to navigate your options with the health and safety of your cat in mind. To see which brands and formulas found to perform the best, you can see the full article here:

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