Dog apparel long ago stopped being just a fad and became a very convenient choice for dog owners who like to either distinguish his pet from the crowd, emphasize its unique style or protect it from the weather. The below list features the five top picks in dog apparel for different occasions:

Fitwarm® Adorable Polka Dots Fleece Dog Pajamas Pet Coats

This adorable dog clothing is made of soft and warm fleece fabric. The cute dot pattern and soft material make it an excellent choice both as a pajama (especially for colder nights) and everyday outfit. Available in six different sizes from 12” (chest) and 8” (back) to 23” (chest) and 18” (back) and many different patterns – dots, paws, animals among others.


  • Great choice of patterns to make your dog look even more adorable
  • Different sizes will fit almost any dog
  • The material used genuinely keeps your dog warm during cold weather or at night


  • It’s not easy to choose the right size – make sure you measure your dog well.

Although it's not easy to find the right size right off the bat, once you do the right thing and get your dog this cute pajama, you will literally change its life making it so adorable everyone will love it. Great selection of patterns provides you an opportunity to create a great collection of clothes for every occasion. Unlike many other pajamas, this one really keeps your dog warm and the material is very comfortable for your little friend.

FurBaby Gentle Formal Blue Dog Shirts for Pet Polo Clothes Apparel + Red Wedding Bow Tie

This “formal” dog clothing features a formal shirt (available in different patterns and colors) and a big bow tie to emphasize your dog's elegant looks. Snaps make it easy to put on and take off. Available in three different sizes – S (Chest 13” Neck 8”), Medium (Chest 14” Neck 10”) and Large (Chest 16” Neck 11”).


  • Different patterns available for different occasions
  • Three different sizes available to fit most dogs
  • Makes your dog look really charming


  • Just three different sizes may make it hard to fit some dogs
  • Measure your dog closely to ensure it fits.

This gentle, formal shirt for your dog (fits cats too!) is a very smart choice if you want to give your pet some charming looks. Convenient snaps make it very easy to put on and off and with a wide selection of different colors and patterns you can choose a shirt that will go well with your own outfit making you a great couple everywhere you go. The only drawback is the size which may require extra attention before the purchase.

Urparcel Dog Cat T Shirt

This Urparcel dog t-shirt is made of high-quality cotton and comes in different colors depending on the pattern of your choice (flowers, stripes, beach and more). Wide choice of different sizes (5 in total) ranging from 11.81” x 6.69” and 14.17” to 17.32” x 16.92” x 23.62” (neck x back x chest).


  • Low price makes it very affordable
  • Perfect for everyday walks or as a beach T-shirt thanks to different patterns
  • High quality materials make this T-shirt comfortable and durable
  • Five different sizes to choose from, enough to fit most dogs


  • You have to measure your dog very carefully and check the size before ordering.

To make your dog look great on your daily walk there’s no better choice than Urparcel T-shirt. Cotton quality is very high and for such a low price, it’s worth it even though you have to measure your dog very carefully. Great choice of patterns allows you to buy a few of these and give your pet a different T-shirt every time you walk it.

Chilly Dog Boyfriend Dog Sweater

This handmade dog sweater is made of 100% natural wool with only organic plant dyes used. It even fits dogs with broad shoulders and chest. Available in eight different sizes, from XX-Small (8” x 5” x 1”) all the way to XXX-Large (36” x 14” x 1”).


  • Comes in as many as eight different sizes!
  • Natural wool (100%) and organic plant dyes are a safe option for your dog
  • Handmade, ensured high-quality
  • Fits even big dogs
  • Genuinely warms your dog during cold season
  • Variety of patterns available


  • May not be suitable for hairless dogs
  • A little bit undersized

Not the easiest dog sweater to find the right size of, but definitely of the best quality on the market. Even though you have to measure your dog carefully, once you do so you will have a very happy dog that will definitely appreciate how genuinely warm this sweater is (and your dog will look fantastic in it).

PetCee Waterproof 100% Polyester- Fleece Lined Reflective Jacket

This 100% Polyester – Fleece lined jacket with the water-resistant outer layer is a great choice for a rainy day. Features convenient and adjustable velcro straps, making it easy to take on and off. Machine washable, comes with a convenient leash attachment. Comes in 7 different sizes, from XS (9.7” x 8.9” x 13.7”-15.2”) to XXXL (22.4” x 20.1” 31.5”-38.6”) (length x neck x chest).


  • Protects your dog from rain
  • Easily washable and durable material
  • Convenient and easy to put on
  • Wide choice of different sizes


  • Only two different patterns available
  • Despite seven different sizes available, fits only small to medium breeds
  • Requires careful measurement of your dog

This high-quality water-resistant jacket is one of the best to protect your dog from the rain. The quality material is comfortable and convenient as it’s easily washable. The only drawback is that you cannot fit anything bigger than a medium-sized dog even though there are as many as seven different sizes.

Choosing the right outfit for your dog doesn’t have to be difficult. Manufacturers come up with so many different patterns that it’s very easy to distinguish your dog from the crowd. Of course, it’s important to pay attention to the quality of the materials so that your dog wears his new outfit eagerly - but if you go with any from the above list, you can’t go wrong. Just make sure to measure your dog properly as many manufacturers seem to be a little bit off when it comes to sizing.

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